Colours, sizes, and quality: finished to your requirements.

Our weavers start with pure, shorn wool of the highest quality and of extreme durability too. All our production is done completely by hand, from the spinning, through the dyeing and weaving processes, right up to the finished product. The designer selects from a spectrum of over 200 colours; from both strong and subtle tones, primaries and pastels. Natural shades sit in contrast with colourful fantasies. The patterns themselves are evidence of many diverse cultures and personal experiences. Our collection is expanding continuously. We can weave a carpet to your exact personal specifications.

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"...Thank you for sending the carpet over this direction so quickly and for your help with the paperwork. When I visited your country 2 years ago, I fell in love with this patterned rug and never forgave myself for not buying it then. You have no idea just how happy I am now. Everyday I am reminded of my wonderful visits to your country and the memories are truly priceless! THANK YOU again. I'll see you next time I visit and would love to come out to the farm and see the weavers in action. Your friend always, Joyce McCallum "

Flying carpets

African KIRIKARA can, and regularly does, deliver to all corners of the globe.

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